MySpace Finally Surrenders

19 Nov

You might be hearing about the Facebook-MySpace thing in the news. The news was thought to be about some tie-up but it was more of a surrender ceremony. MySpace is sending CEO Mike Jones for the announcement. Facebook managed to rustle up a vice president – Dan Rose. I think MySpace is a little more than embarrassed that Facebook isn’t making someone more senior available for the event (Well, it is a habit for them now). MySpace announced that it is more about Music and Movies than social networking, thus, leaving no chance for the rivalry between Facebook and MySpace to dwell any longer. The most important announcement that it made was about the ability of people to sign up for MySpace with their Facebook account. This would also bring their likes and interests into their MySpace profile, thus, taking less time to set-up.


2 Responses to “MySpace Finally Surrenders”

  1. Buie November 27, 2010 at 6:52 PM #

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    Well, all things considered…

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