Not the First Post

19 Nov

Hello World,

My name is Pranav Garg (you must have got an idea from the URL) and that’s all I want to write for my introduction. My purpose of blogging is just love of the language. Blogging for me is a boon given by technological advancement to every blogger that makes him feel powerful. It gives him assurance that his voice can be heard by a large crowd and a simple man like him can also make a difference.

I will be blogging about everything I find worth sharing and there will be a lots of topics.

This is not my first blog or my first blog post on this blog. I had about 20 blog posts and 5 pages. The blog was going successfully and was even getting good amounts of traffic. I thought that my blog wasn’t reflecting my opinions and my views about topics I had mentioned earlier had changed a lot. So, I was left with two choices, either to ignore that and continue blogging the same way as I earlier was or to start with a new blog. I chose the latter.

My interests are music, playing guitar and technology (I am a real gadget freak).

Hope you all keep appreciating my work and I will appreciate your appreciation.


2 Responses to “Not the First Post”

  1. Saurav M November 20, 2010 at 12:08 PM #

    Welcome back! 🙂 I also did a comeback like thing 2 days before, but I am to shy to write about me and my plans. All the best

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