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I give up

29 Jan

I’ve tried blogging so many times but have always been unable to become successful. This post won’t be too big. I just want to tell you that I am not blogging anymore. I have decided this because of some personal reason I wouldn’t like to share. So here it goes.



Do you prefer to talk, text message, or a different communication method?

5 Jan

In 1876, the invention of telephone by Alexander Graham Bell revolutionized the way by which people communicate. Nowadays, lives without telephone or any other means of distant communication seems like stone age. I can’t even imagine one day minute without my cellphone in my hand. With time, new and better means of communication have been invented over the years.

Here’s a poll for you

My FeelGood10-What are yours?

10 Dec

Ten things that make me feel good.

  1. Playing my guitar
  2. Blogging
  3. Sleeping – I can do it whenever or as long as I am allowed
  4. Avoiding studies
  5. Music – listening and creating
  6. Doing almost NOTHING
  7. Realizing that you have done something to make someone’s life better
  8. Solving disputes
  9. Photography
  10. Thinking

These are 10 things that make me feel good. Well, feel fry to write a blog post with the same title and PLEASE leave a link somewhere to this post if you do so.

Don’t have a blog or a website, you can even write what things make you feel good as a comment.

    Not the First Post

    19 Nov

    Hello World,

    My name is Pranav Garg (you must have got an idea from the URL) and that’s all I want to write for my introduction. My purpose of blogging is just love of the language. Blogging for me is a boon given by technological advancement to every blogger that makes him feel powerful. It gives him assurance that his voice can be heard by a large crowd and a simple man like him can also make a difference.

    I will be blogging about everything I find worth sharing and there will be a lots of topics.

    This is not my first blog or my first blog post on this blog. I had about 20 blog posts and 5 pages. The blog was going successfully and was even getting good amounts of traffic. I thought that my blog wasn’t reflecting my opinions and my views about topics I had mentioned earlier had changed a lot. So, I was left with two choices, either to ignore that and continue blogging the same way as I earlier was or to start with a new blog. I chose the latter.

    My interests are music, playing guitar and technology (I am a real gadget freak).

    Hope you all keep appreciating my work and I will appreciate your appreciation.

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