The Size Of Internet (AN INFOGRAPHIC)

17 Dec


The Size Of Internet

The Size Of Internet




My FeelGood10-What are yours?

10 Dec

Ten things that make me feel good.

  1. Playing my guitar
  2. Blogging
  3. Sleeping – I can do it whenever or as long as I am allowed
  4. Avoiding studies
  5. Music – listening and creating
  6. Doing almost NOTHING
  7. Realizing that you have done something to make someone’s life better
  8. Solving disputes
  9. Photography
  10. Thinking

These are 10 things that make me feel good. Well, feel fry to write a blog post with the same title and PLEASE leave a link somewhere to this post if you do so.

Don’t have a blog or a website, you can even write what things make you feel good as a comment.

    Youtuber in Me : Post 1

    30 Nov

    I am starting this series of posts just to share my funny, sometimes creepy Youtube discoveries I would like to flatter away with. This is the first post in the series and you will be able to find more such posts in the category ‘Youtuber in Me’.

    The video I am sharing is about a KBC episode in which Shahrukh Khan, Sanjay Dutt and Boman Irani are playing a prank on Arshad Warsi.

    This video is about a very funny (mustn’t use the word hilarious) contestant who just irritates SRK.

    Blogging:Not So Easy

    22 Nov

    As tempting it can be to start your own blog, the knowledge about how not to-do it is far more important than how to-do. The great articles you see at blog don’t just pop-up randomly. They are made out a lot of sweat and some experience.

    Blogging, not only being fun is also a great deal of learning. It is a great help in showcasing your writing to those millions and billions of people on the web or just get your voice heard to the same or even a larger crowd.

    This article will deal with some steps you should take in order to make your blog successful.

    1.) Be original

    That’s what it is all about. CONTENT, YOUR CONTENT. You are on the internet with a blog/website just to show who/what you really are. Even if you notify the blogger that you have used his content in your post and given a link back to his/her article, even then, people wouldn’t like to read it because they would have probably read it somewhere else. This only works when you provide them with suitable descriptive comments of yours.

    2.) Do some research about blogging (and yourself)

    The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

    You need to sure about which blogging platform to use and your niche. Choose a niche that you are really passionate about otherwise your blog will be like a graveyard haunted by content that is of no use to the users. After sometime, even you won’t be likely to visit your blog. I’ll be writing a blog post just about this topic in the near future. I can’t give any assurances yet.

    3.) Consider your writing style

    There are in numerous writing styles. Well you probably won’t write “Howdy?” in a letter meant for your boss. You need to be conversational and interesting in the case of blogging.

    4.) Think about the title

    Nothing catches the eye more than the title. Good content is a waste if a suitable title isn’t provided. Title is what appears in search results. A good title will surely get you some traffic from search engines.

    5.) Encourage comments

    Don’t fear comments. Comments will tell you what people are thinking about your posts. Even if there are negative responses, try to analyse or just straight away ask them what they think isn’t good. Try assuring them that you won’t repeat the same mistake again.

    6.) Promote your blog

    Use today’s social media to the max. There are many platforms to choose from.

    7.) Encourage guest posts on your blog

    Guest posts provide your readers with new content and a fresh perspective. Try guest posting on other blogs too. It always is a great source of traffic. It’s a win-win situation for both the bloggers.

    8.) Love your readers

    Responding to comments is the first and most important step. Visiting your reader’s blogs if they have them. Leave supportive comments and even suggest they guest blog for you now and then.

    If you think I have missed something, feel free to comment. If your list list is too long, you can consider about a guest post. Contact me at for any further information on guest posts.

    MySpace Finally Surrenders

    19 Nov

    You might be hearing about the Facebook-MySpace thing in the news. The news was thought to be about some tie-up but it was more of a surrender ceremony. MySpace is sending CEO Mike Jones for the announcement. Facebook managed to rustle up a vice president – Dan Rose. I think MySpace is a little more than embarrassed that Facebook isn’t making someone more senior available for the event (Well, it is a habit for them now). MySpace announced that it is more about Music and Movies than social networking, thus, leaving no chance for the rivalry between Facebook and MySpace to dwell any longer. The most important announcement that it made was about the ability of people to sign up for MySpace with their Facebook account. This would also bring their likes and interests into their MySpace profile, thus, taking less time to set-up.

    Get Free Qwiki Invites

    19 Nov

    You might be thinking  What Qwiki really is? Don’t worry the following will explain everything about Qwiki.

    What is Qwiki?
    Qwiki is the world’s first “information experience”, powered by a technology that transforms static information into interactive stories.

    What can I do with Qwiki?
    To start, Qwiki covers 2 million reference terms – including a wide variety of people, places and things. You can type in any indexed term and Qwiki will generate an “information experience” describing it.

    So I am not here to sell Qwiki invites but am asking for a favor. You’ll have to follow the following steps to get an invite.

    1) Share this post on Twitter and/or Facebook

    2) Subscribe to my blog’s feed by clicking here.

    3) Comment on this blog post with the Tweet URL and your e-mail address.

    I won’t spam you. The invite might take some time to be delivered.

    Not the First Post

    19 Nov

    Hello World,

    My name is Pranav Garg (you must have got an idea from the URL) and that’s all I want to write for my introduction. My purpose of blogging is just love of the language. Blogging for me is a boon given by technological advancement to every blogger that makes him feel powerful. It gives him assurance that his voice can be heard by a large crowd and a simple man like him can also make a difference.

    I will be blogging about everything I find worth sharing and there will be a lots of topics.

    This is not my first blog or my first blog post on this blog. I had about 20 blog posts and 5 pages. The blog was going successfully and was even getting good amounts of traffic. I thought that my blog wasn’t reflecting my opinions and my views about topics I had mentioned earlier had changed a lot. So, I was left with two choices, either to ignore that and continue blogging the same way as I earlier was or to start with a new blog. I chose the latter.

    My interests are music, playing guitar and technology (I am a real gadget freak).

    Hope you all keep appreciating my work and I will appreciate your appreciation.

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