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Why Do I Blog?

12 Jan

I don’t know how to start this post, but, as far as I know I’ve been blogging for a while now, though, I’ve only got 11 Posts, 2 Pages and 21 Comments. I do know about thousands of other blogs out there that don’t get noticed too, so the question is Why do I still Blog?

For me, there is no quick answer to this question. As far as I know, it started with my wish to have a personal website which led to my googling for a free personal website stuff, due to which I came across an article about blogging. That article changed my life. It was a legen-wait for it-dary (in the style of Barney Stinson) moment in my life.

After the article, my blogging days started and first I set-up a blog at Blogger.com (too simple for me) and then at Tumblr.com (too colorful for me), and, then I came across where I was destined to be, WordPress, and since then I have been blogging here.

Originally, I just wanted to have a personal blog (for my daily life and sorts) but soon I realized that I wanted to explore more and interact with the blogging world and on the other hand, decided to put a limit on what I share and write. So, I started to use tags, links and at the same time I went to several blogs that I found interesting, and at the end of the day, I liked and commented on some posts and well, that’s how bloggers interact.

In this blogging journey of mine, I’ve realized many things. A blog is like a medium to share whatever I want to. A blog is like a piece of real estate on the Internet which keeps growing by the push of the Publish button.


The Size Of Internet (AN INFOGRAPHIC)

17 Dec


The Size Of Internet

The Size Of Internet



MySpace Finally Surrenders

19 Nov

You might be hearing about the Facebook-MySpace thing in the news. The news was thought to be about some tie-up but it was more of a surrender ceremony. MySpace is sending CEO Mike Jones for the announcement. Facebook managed to rustle up a vice president – Dan Rose. I think MySpace is a little more than embarrassed that Facebook isn’t making someone more senior available for the event (Well, it is a habit for them now). MySpace announced that it is more about Music and Movies than social networking, thus, leaving no chance for the rivalry between Facebook and MySpace to dwell any longer. The most important announcement that it made was about the ability of people to sign up for MySpace with their Facebook account. This would also bring their likes and interests into their MySpace profile, thus, taking less time to set-up.

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