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WordPress promotes Regular Blogging

2 Jan

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You might have read my previous post which was about my saying that I’ll post every day in 2011. That was my first resolution for 2011. Well, I didn’t post yesterday (1 Jan) so that breaks my resolution as early as it can.

Whatever, let’s just come to the point. This post isn’t meant to tell you about my resolutions and how early I broke them.

WordPress has taken the initiative to promote regular blogging by the name “The Daily Post“. They’ll be using this blog as a place to share blogging ideas and other tips for regular blogging.

This is what they have got to say as their first post

Here at WordPress.com we like blogs. We like bloggers. And more than anything else, we like bloggers who blog.

But one hard part of blogging is beyond the awesome tools you use. It’s the posting. Coming up with ideas, writing them down, or picking the right photos, can be quite the challenge. And then you need the courage to hit that Publish button.

As announced today, to help you we’re launching this experimental blog called The Daily Post. We will post every day here, hoping to inspire you to do the same.

We’ll have inspiring questions from Plinky.com you can re-use in your posts, insightful interviews with rock-star bloggers,  and fresh ways to think about blogging. We’re doing this to help build a community of people who want to be more active writers, bloggers, and creators.

More to come soon!

For now, subscribe to this blog and get ready to roll in 2011.

Well, this is too good. WordPress is slowly becoming the best blogging tools, services and more and more.

Wish you luck. Hope this Daily Post inspires other budding bloggers and they also blog daily.

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